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Chapter Two- 10 Years Later

What you just witnessed was just the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse. The individual you know as "Mr. Green" is currently one of the strongest zombies to this day. He is what we call a "Behemoth". Behemoths are rare and hard to find, but they are incredibly strong. Not as strong as Mr. Green, but definitely powerful.  What other types of zombies are there you ask? Much. An interesting type in particular are the green zombies, like the Behemoths but not quite as powerful, however they, like the behemoths, can control other zombies to do their biddings. They are also far more intelligent then their fellow brethren. They also frequently lead raids on the outposts. Now what are outposts, you ask? All that is left of the humans. Now this may sound bad, but it is not. There are 4 outposts spread throughout the land, there used to be more but they were swarmed by zombies. But these 4 outposts have very advanced technology, and are very populated. Don't expect them to become swarmed by zombies anytime soon. Now you may ask, why don't the outposts just nuke the country? Other than the fact that millions of humans would die too (Not now however), there is a simple answer. We cannot. Mr. Green, the person who started all of this, made sure of that. But that is another story, and shall be told another time. For now, let us go to the Outpost Natasya's, and follow the story of a young fellow named Kevin.

"Warning! WARNING! A level 5 tier outpost attack is occurring; all defenders prepare to take positions. Warning warning…"

The alarm system blared several times, looping the exact same message. No one would miss this announcement. For good reasons too, level 5 outpost raids were very rare, and when they did occur, were very dangerous to an Outpost's survival. Kevin covered his ears and grimaced at the sound. He muttered in annoyance, so much for a day with friends. Glancing over at his pals, he looked each in the eye.
There was John, a young lad like Kevo who was full of jokes, but could be very serious when the time called for it. He wields the AW Sniper Rifle with a machete strapped to his back. He looked over to his right to find Isabel, a very serious woman who can be cruel to those she dislikes. Don't be mistaken however! She is a kind and fun person to be around once you get to know her. She wields the Dual Uzis with a silenced pistol as backup, in case there calls for a situation to be quiet. Then, looking to his left he sees Isabel. Isabel was the life of the party, hyperactive, playful, and full of jokes. Her weapons represented her personality. She wields a heavy machine gun and a katana on her back. Her "solution to everything".  And then there was Kevin himself, if he were to describe himself, it would probably be very   off, but if you asked his friends they would tell you the same thing. A friendly lad, very hyperactive, and loves it when things are "happening". If there it was a quiet afternoon, the perfect day for relaxing, Kevin would probably be outside hosting a party. His weapons represent his personality. He wields a shotgun with an attached grenade launcher and keeps  two katanas strapped behind his back when needed. (Which is very frequently, considering shotguns and grenades use up a lot of ammo)

"Well then Dagon, xima, and isa, I'll be at the junkyard, Once this is over I'll be at Ximpulse's Garden, meet ya guys there?" Ximpulse was a well known person in Natasya's outpost for his garden which is actually his own mansion converted into a party place, and his reputation. He leads one of the strongest clans in Natasya, the Scarlet Sentinels.  

Dagon replied, "Mmmkay Kevo, see ya guys after the outpost attack!" I hope he thought to himself.

"Alrighty then, you boys take care!" Teased Isa with a grin. Xima looked at dagon and kevo and nodded.

Each ran off to their respective defense areas. With the defense areas being the sniper towers which picked out zombies from afar to make it easier for main gate defenders and junkyard bashers, junkyard bashers who took a lot of heavy damage, basically the back side of the outpost which zombies came from at times, and the Main gate, which were consisted of hundreds of sandbags in which a 3 man team would stand behind and kill zombies from afar, and if needed, up close.  Kevin prepared for a gruesome season of an Outpost Attack by quickly sprinting to the marketplace and buying some 12 G ammo and some antibiotics in case they were needed. How did outpost attacks occur?  See, there were green zombies in the Inner City, as you know, and they were smart, not like their mindless brethren. They would call upon mass armies of zombies to join them every once in a while to attack the outposts, and it was quite a brutal process. Green zombies do not attack unless they are pretty certain their army is enough. Outpost attacks occur rarely, it's like a trip to the dentist. Once every 6 months unless the zombies decide they don't want to go/attack. This was the 3rd time they'd attacked this year, where were they getting all these new zombies? Well if only we knew.

After 30 minutes of tiresome sprinting Kevin arrived at the Junkyard, his favorite spot to be when an Outpost attack happened, because this spot was the messiest, and probably the hardest place to defend when an attack happened. He took out some twelve G ammo and loaded it into his shotgun, the Striker. (This baby cost him one hundred fifty thousand dollars of pure looting money and some raffles, but it was all worth it) and immediately climbed onto the tallest platform he could find.

"Yo, Kevo! Been a while since the last outpost attack hasn't it?" Shouted Victor  

"Sure has! I think I'm going to enjoy this one though!" Kevin grinned as he stroked his new shotgun.

Victor whistled, "Nice shotgun there!" He asked, "Do you see any zombies from there"

"A few purples and a red fatty leading the way, the rest are grays, this should be easy!" Kevin smiled knowing today he would fully get to test his new shotgun. As testing it in the inner city would be impossible as it would cause too much attention, he'd literally be killed by masses of zombies.

He jumped down from the pile of broken down cars and rolled to not twist an ankle, he soon stood up. Cocking his shotgun, he took aim at the fat red, BOOM! The recoil from the bullets made its march forward halt for a second or too, but then it continued walking with 5 bullets buried deep in it's stomach. Damn zombies, unlike humans you could blast them in the vital organs and they'd die quite simply, but zombies needed to be blasted until they were truly dead, not just in great pain or a broken bone. How troublesome…. And how FUN! Nothing to calm one down by firing bullets into zombies or bashing them with machetes he thought to himself, as he took aim again and fired at the fat red.

Meanwhile, Dagon is at the sniper tower…
The first chapter, hurray! I plan to get the second chapter up sooner or later... anyhow, ENJOY! And this is again, my first story! Don't be too harsh, but again I welcome criticism! :hug:

Again this is based of a game called Dead frontier ([link]), I do not own Dead Frontier.
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