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Chapter 3- The Sniper Tower and the Maingate</u>

Dagon headed to his assigned sniper tower, sniper tower 7, a tower known for its excellent snipers, and he was honored to be in its squad. He grabbed some 12.7 ammo from his house and some bandages and antibiotics and of course his rifle, the Dragonuv, one of the best rifles other than the VSS in his opinion.  He headed to the direction of tower #7, and he finally spotted the tower. He walked onto the stairs and “Checked in” with the tower guard. Tower guards stood at the entrance of the tower as to make sure that no zombie would get up onto the tower and kill a bunch of snipers with the element of surprise.  Walking up several flights of stairs he reached the top row, he waved to his captain, Dean.

Dean’s frown immediately changed when he saw dagon, “Ah dagon! You just in time! See we’ve been having some troubles with the zombies at the maingate, their packed too closely together. Try to aim for that area of purple zombies, there must be like 10 in that one spot!”

“YES SIR!” Dagon saluted and took his position. He put on the scope for his rifle and looked through it; he saw a lot of purple zombies. They were everywhere. Purple zombies are slightly tougher then the gray zombies, they took more punishment. He aimed at a particularly fat one and fired. BOOM! Perfect, a headshot! It dropped to the floor tripping the zombies behind it, shortly followed by gunshots firing and the ones behind it dropping to the floor. Thank god the zombies weren’t sprinting, then they’d be hard to hit. Dagon was about to fire at another one when he heard a scream.


Dagon looked back and saw a black shape. At first it just looked like a black blur but then he could make it out, it was a crow! Those pesky things would come pecking at the sniper’s eyes, and probably permanently blind them. Dagon felt bad for that fellow that was bitten. If he was unlucky he might even die from that bite, crows had nasty bacteria in their beaks, filled with the germs of rotting flesh of which they feed off of. Feeling raged dagon took out his machete and killed it there on the spot.

“T-t-thank you. If it weren’t for you it would have gotten my other eye..”

“It’s no problem, I ate crows,” was all dagon said

And he really did hate crows, those pesky, cowardly things. They’d sneak up behind you and bite you on your neck and that would probably kill you if you don’t disinfect the wound. He continued about his sniping, wary of crows now that he was filled with adrenaline. And whaddaya know there, in front of his eyes (or scope), were xima and Isabel!

Meanwhile, Xima and Isabel, at the maingate!

Xima was blasting away with her dual pistols while Isabel picked off zombie after zombie. And next to them was Max, a member of their Maingate squad who helped keep the zombies away with his Tommy Machinegun.

“Reloading!” Shouted Max as he put a new clip into his tommy gun.

“Ya know you don’t have to always shout that Maxxy, we can manage without you for a WHILE” Isabel winked at max. He blushed

“Well it says on the Outpost Defense guidelines to let your teammates know when your reloading” As he blasted away once again.

“But I’m just saying, it get’s annoying!” Isa puffed out.

“Stop complaining isa you never know when we might need it” Xima tuned it.


And so the outpost defense continued like this for a while, Kevin blasting away at zombies with his shotgun, and eventually using his machete to conserve ammo, Dagon picking off zombies on the sniper tower, and xima, max, and isa firing away at zombies behind a sandbag. The result was soon revealed. After every outpost attack a 12 man squad is sent to kill any remaining zombies that may be near the outpost, and in the beginning of the inner city. They also check the status and report how the outpost defense went all around Natasya’s. The result will be quite obvious at times but mostly it will be announced by Natasya, the owner of the outpost

“Today’s outpost defense was a marginal victory! You all did fine jobs warriors”

Or a crushing defeat, or a defeat, or a total victory! When the outpost is defeated, survivors work for a week, sometimes less, or more, to cleanse the outpost of the intruding zombies, if they fail, the outpost will obviously fall. A desirable defense result is a total victory, in which very little people have died. It takes a lot of teamwork to get a total victory.

So, what was the outpost defense result for this was? Thousands of people stand waiting for Natasya’s speech.
The third chapter is up!!!

I do not own dead frontier. ([link])
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