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Chapter One- How it All Started

"To the man in the building, drop your weapons and come out with your hands behind your back, or prepare to be shot down!"
Mr. Green laughed to himself. Shot down? It was too late for that. He was far beyond being "shot down".  He considered some options. He could: go out there now and hack those pests to pieces before they knew what hit them, or he could just wait for them to storm in and make a quick getaway. He decided the first sounded like more fun. Suddenly, the officer spoke again,

"I repeat, surrender now or you will be shot down! You have 5…4.."

Taking this chance he quickly did a flip through the windows, and as if in slow motion, sprinted to the nearest SWAT van in sight and did a wide reaching slash in front of him, cutting through the protective Kevlar and bones of anyone he hit (who just became aware he looked nothing like a normal human being), and dove behind the car for cover. Suddenly, gunfire exploded around him. A few bullets grazed his thighs, but bullets were like bb pellets to him now.

He picked up the van and tossed it at the helicopter overhead, and instantly felt the sting of thousands of bullets. However he was rewarded with the satisfaction of seeing the van smash directly onto the helicopter, and seeing it crash into another van, causing it to explode, killing many nearby SWAT police. But the pain of bullets pounding onto his back pulled him back to the moment. He looked by, and located 3 swat vans, 15 swat officers, and a mounted turret. Covering his head in his arms, he sprinted to the turret and smashed it away towards a van, leaving a big dent in the van and officers near it. He followed up with a slash in front of him to the head of the three SWAT Police, and without any hesitation, instantly bashed in the skull of a nearby officer.
Following this assault, he jumped back towards a van and landed on all fours. He then quickly picked up the van and smacked away any officers unlucky enough to be in his reach, and threw the van at the undamaged van, causing a beautiful explosion. All officers left were now running from him, realizing they had no chance. Without any delay, he jumped into the air and landed on the backs of any officer trying to flee, most likely snapping the backs in two, or more pieces.
This was the beginning, of the zombie apocalypse.
This is my first story, and I personally don't care if you ciriticize me harshly or not, so knock yourself out. which I will welcome with open arms! :hug:. Anyhow this was inspired by a game called Dead Frontier ([link]). It's a zombie game, and it inspired a lazy guy like me to write a story! So is it worth playing? (The answer is yes). Anyhow the characters in this story are mostly people I really know in the game. So enjoy!

This is just the intro, no worries.

EDIT: Who thinks I made Mr. Green OP? Is that how strong a behemoth is? Well it took me forever to kill one, and Mr. Green IS special (you'll find out later), so I guess it's fine. D:

And my fucking god I feel lousy about putting a warning about mature content on, it's not even that bad. I don't want this to be deleted however.
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Submitted on
September 2, 2009
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